You Became the Story!

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

2019 was hands-down our most exciting Banquet in years.

Nine youth took to the stage to share stories of heartbreak, brokenness, family tragedy...and the healing and hope they've found in loving communities that teach them about the God who will never leave or forsake them.

Three adults shared how a YFC staff person, program, or volunteer entered their lives at a pivotal time when they were choosing between the streets & the Truth, anxiety & freedom, and crime & God's calling to be a light in the darkness.

None of this is new - people know when they attend a YFC Be the Story banquet they are going to hear stories of change, hope, and new life.  But we had three surprises this year...

1) A proposal!

After City Life staffer Brandi Webster shared her story, her boyfriend took to the stage and asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with him.  And she said yes! It was a moment that won't be forgotten by those who attended.

2) A fall!

After such a spectacular night, we were anticipating another shock on Sunday.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a positive one - our beloved Executive Director, Bonnie Rodriguez, fell off the stage during rehearsals, spraining her wrist and chipping a bone in her foot.  Fortunately, there was a doctor, nurse, and paramedic in attendance - they were all able to offer help, and the rest of the event ran on.

3) A record-smashing year!

The last surprise was...YOU! Yes, you!  This year, our Be the Story banquet raised a grand total of $290,000, smashing our $250,000 goal out of the park.  We are blown away by the multi-year pledges, large one-time gifts, and number of people interested in getting involved with us as sponsors, volunteers, and table hosts.

Did you miss the Banquet?  You can find our Vision Video here and you can still Be the Story by making a donation to BTS 2019.

Thank you for making our 2nd annual Be the Story an amazing success!

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