When They Throw Rocks at Your Head

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Loving kids is not for the faint of heart.

I’ll keep the story short to spare the kid: last week, after disciplining a kid (AKA making him apologize), a handful of pebbles was thrown at my head.  A few hit.

I didn’t do much at the time – when kids start throwing rocks, you know it’s pretty much over.  Plus, I knew this boy’s mom was going to find out.

And find out she did.  A few hours later, a teary voice cracked through a phone line, apologizing for the outburst.  I told him thank you, but I wanted to talk face-to-face later.

That led to this Tuesday, when I went by the boy’s house to see how he was doing.  As I spoke to his mom, the middle schooler came slinking out of his bedroom and tried to crawl under the couch/bed across from us.

“What is going on with you?” I asked.  Then I noticed something. “Are you wearing like 10 outfits?”

The skinny boy was outfitted in three t-shirts, with another wrapped around his waist, a pair of pants, and a pair of shorts pulled over those pants.  On top of all of that, he wore a sweatshirt.

He was afraid I was going to hit him.

Tears started pouring down his face. “I’m sorry, Miss,” he said, burying his face in my shoulder.

I hugged him, knowing I would forgive him – not because he deserved it but because I’ve been forgiven, too.

I don’t know if he fully understands that yet – that I forgave him that day and told him I loved him not because he said sorry but because God is always teaching me that forgiving someone is better in the long run.  And because I’ve been forgiven – by God, by others – and I know the gift that it is.  I don’t forgive because of the tears or because of the 5 outfits.  I’d forgiven him before I walked in the door.  I’d forgiven him before the teary phone call.  I forgave him on the drive back to my house that day.

Forgiving isn’t for the faint of heart.  Loving a child and helping them grow isn’t either.  But there are moments like these that definitely make it worth it.

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