We’re Going to Be at Her School

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

I stopped in a parking lot to type this before I forgot anything. This isn’t all of her story, but it’s the main points. She shared from bird road all the way to cutler bay. When I offered her a YFC Bible (that God said to have handy just in case when I got in the van to pick them up for youth group) she said, “Yes! I love to read so I will read it.” Here are the basics of her spiritual journey:

“When I was really little my Abuela took me to a pretty Catholic Church & we played games and it was nice, but I don’t remember the lessons. Then I moved with my Dad in the city & he is a Santero so I had to give candy to the statue in our house. He took me to see a man that started shaking and speaking in another kind of deep voice and it scared me because I was only ten.

Then at a ceremony people were walking on glass pieces and hot stones and screaming so I don’t like Santeria. Even though light brujaria helped me get here to live with my mom, I don’t feel like it’s good. She doesn’t go to church or pray so now that I am here I don’t have anything to believe or hold onto because I don’t know what is true, but I believe there is a God.”

Danny is excited we’re going to be at her school!

They came to the Bob Ross night at youth group tonight, too.

-April Lovins, Campus Life

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