“This place is like my therapy”

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Last week I told you all that Catalyst is back! We are so happy to be on campus at Miami Springs Middle, teaching kids to express themselves through hip-hop and sharing the message that they were created with hope and for a purpose.

David shared at a recent staff meeting that this is an exciting group for the Catalyst crew. In the past, parents have signed kids up for the program because they wanted the kids to be somewhere safe after school. This works well for the parents and us, but obviously you get some kids who are less than enthusiastic about the arrangement.

But this year, all the kids attending are interested in hip-hop! They want to learn drumming, sound production, and even break dancing. They are excited and happy to come every day.

One girl even asked David recently if the program happened on Mondays and Fridays. “No,” David told her, “just Tuesdays through Thursdays.”

“Aw man,” said the 7th grader. “I wish this was open every day. This place is like my therapy.”

And that is what we hope. We want to create safe places where kids can hear from each other, caring adults, and the Lord. Thanks for the great review!

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