The Best Homework Helper

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Melanie recently started an internship with our KIX North Miami site. She attends church at Vive, learned about our program and said, “Why can’t I be part of that, too?”

Even though she says she is growing in her walk with Christ, she wants to give back and help kids right away, and she’s guiding them in God’s truth, too!

Here’s what Joab, her leader, had to say about her:

Melanie is the best homework helper on the team. She loves helping the kids with their homework, and they love going to her. Once it’s homework time, all the kids run to Ms. Mel! Melanie built relationships with our girls, too. She would be on the phone real late helping them with homework, and as a thank you went over to the girls house for dinner from their mom. She comes in early with me (Joab), leaves late with me, helps with cleaning teaching, and administers attendance & surveys.

We’re so grateful for everyday, amazing leaders like Mel! Will you join her?

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