Miami is Blessed by General Assembly!

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Last week, 300 leaders from around the world gathered in Miami for Youth for Christ International's General Assembly.  This was a gigantic undertaking that required visas, calls to state and federal officials, and thousands of dollars.  

But when the missionaries arrived, all they wanted to know was, "How can we bless Miami?"

And bless us they did! Over 200 of the attendees went across the city, cutting down trees, cleaning up debri, and loading supply trucks. Moreover, they prayed: they prayed for staff, for local volunteers, and for families affected by the storm.  They even took down names and phone numbers, and turned them over to our staff so we could follow-up.

One overwhelmed community partner had six acres of debri and fallen trees cleared by missionaries.  Her husband cried when he realized, as she put, "that God had sent people from Maldova, Serbia, and Zimbabwe to clean our yard...we're always the ones giving, but God loves us so much that he sent people from across the world to remind us that He cares."

Thank you, General Assembly missionaries, for loving Miami well!

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