“I Can’t Stop Crying, and I Don’t Know Why”

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

"I can't stop crying and I don't know why," Daniel said to me as we sat across from each other on the bunk beds in our cabin at camp. Clothes were strewn about the room and a "locker room" smell was emanating from the bathroom a few feet away.

Daniel had been coming to Campus Life for two years and throughout that time had been very firm that he did not believe God existed. "I can't believe anything I can't see" was his reply whenever I asked him if his beliefs about God had changed at all. He also wasn't one to show emotion so I knew something was up when he asked me to talk one-on-one after cabin time with tears coming down his face.

He began to tell me how he came out of club time that night and headed into his solo time still not believing God existed. He walked to his spot for the 30 minutes of time alone and started wrestling with some issues in his life and "kind of" prayed to God in a "if you're real then show up" mindset. As he was sitting there he felt like a huge
burden was lifted off his shoulders and he suddenly began crying and couldn't stop.

With tears in my eyes I told him, "You’re crying because you're experiencing true joy for the first time in your life!"

He was smiling from ear to ear as tears continued to flow down and he told me, "Everything you've been telling me for the past two years suddenly makes sense. I don't know how I didn't believe it before!"

Please join me in praising God for the 6 students like Daniel that said yes to Jesus for the first time at camp this year. We are so excited as we head into this new year with our faith strengthened that even a stout atheist like Daniel can come to know Jesus! God is awesome!

Daniel Vanderwoude
Campus Life Site Director

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