How Can We Help Each Other?

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Miami YFC wants kids to follow Jesus for their whole life, and that means we need church homes for our kids (because we only work with them until they are 19). But we know youth are expensive for a church, and they aren't always the ones who tithe (that's a joke - they don't tithe at all). So how can we help the local church as they are adopting our little ones into their church families?

At Vive City Chapel in North Miami, we can see what this looks like! Pastor Jonathan and Stacy found each other as an answer to prayer in 2018. Miami YFC needed a new home for our Children's Trust-funded after school program, and Pastor Jonathan had been praying for some kind of community outreach to be based their four walls. It was perfect!

But we've had perfect partnerships start and die before. Three years in? This one is thriving. Pastor Jonathan and the church members regularly show up in the after school program as volunteers; during our recent parent night, they were even running the sound and serving food to families!

And YFC comes alongside the youth group. This summer, we'll be launching Friday Night Live, a youth group club type outreach that both the church's youth and our program kids can attend. The hope is that those groups will become one - and kids will have a church home.

It's taken three years to get to this launching point, but the relationship has been important to build. We're grateful for Pastor Jonathan and pray for Vive City on the regular, and we know he does the same for us. We're hoping that in 10, 15, and 20 years, we have a family of believer at Vive City who don't know the difference between YFC and Vive - all they know is that they were cared for, loved, and discipled into life-long believers.

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