Her Win is My Win

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Last week, I had the joy of traveling down to a Starry Night in the Redlands, our annual fundraiser for City Life KIX Summer programs.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Cassie, the High School Program Director, and Jakeria, who is a senior this year (and whom I've known since she was in 4th grade).

We got to chatting, and she said, "Oh, Johanna, I've got to show you something."  She pulled out her phone, found a picture, and held it up to me.

I screamed when I saw it: Principal's Award for Honor Roll.

"I've never gotten it before," Jakeria said.

"I want to put that on my fridge!" I shouted back at her.

She beamed from ear to ear and then blushed behind her hand.

But that's the thing: her win is my win, too!  Because I'm part of the community that has been the "Jakeria Fan Club" since she was 9 years old.

In fact, it's not just a club: I'm on Team Jakeria.  It's the team that would - occasionally - need to go pick her and a friend up at the elementary school because they got into (another) fight.  I'm part of the team that talked to her English teachers about making up work.  And I'm part of the team that told her yes, she could be a lawyer/dancer/musician's wife, if that's what she really wanted to do.

The team is me, but it's also Morning and Godwin and Cassie and Stacy and Ms. Peggy and Corey and Robin and Jeremy and Susan and Josh and Justin and Omar and Yolande and April....Some of the people only got to play with the team for a few innings or one quarter.  Some scored big, and others were part of an assist.  Some funded the team, some were on the field, and some were in the locker room, soothing injuries.

But we are all part of the team.

And so this is not just a win for our girl.  This is a win for all of us - Principal's Honor Roll, First Semester.  Way to go, Boss.  You are a winner.

But we've known that all along.

-Johanna Ralsten-Cox, Ministries Director

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