From Lost to Leader

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

In 2013, Adrian came to Coral Park Campus Life full of bitterness and hurt. His father had
abandoned him, and his mother suffered from mental health issues. He came to club
because a friend said it was fun. That day was the beginning of a new life.
Adrian became a faithful Campus Life attendee, and a year later, he trusted Christ!

Through conversations with his leaders and studying the Bible, Adrian began forgiving his father and accepting his mom. He brought friends to Campus Life and even convinced his best friend to attend YFCamp to hear about Jesus. Adrian wanted others to know the love and peace he found in Christ.

As an alumni, Adrian volunteered at camp this year. In front of 200 middle school students, he shared how he came to know Jesus and how it changed his life: "Things in my life didn't get easier after I trusted Christ, but I know I'm not going through things
alone now because I know He is with me."

Adrian is one of many kids in Miami YFC who went from not knowing Christ to being an
evangelist! As you read this, our leaders are back in school, actively sharing the Gospel
with kids who do not know Jesus. Please consider being part of the army of adults
who make our work possible-we cannot do this without you!

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