Dan the Man

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

How do you mentor middle school boys? Ask Dan!

Dan Roberts started out as a donor for Glenn and has been a YFC donor for a long time. His wife was also a TIU intern with YFC’s KIX program for many years and has provided free counseling for youth.

Dan retired from FIU and started volunteering with Campus Life. He started working with our middle school boys at Kenwood K8 in 2016, leading small groups and, most importantly, he would bring ice every week for the snacks! He was given the nickname “Ice Man Dan,” but his attitude and work with the kids was anything but icey. He could melt the hearts of young kids with his listening ear and honest heart.

During the pandemic, his soothing voice was perfect for online ministry and Zoom calls! Our kids love him as a father/grandfather figure. He is a stable force on the Campus Life team, dedicating time and energy to making sure kids know Jesus – and YFC! – love them very much.

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