10/7/2020 in Category Our Stories

In May 2018, I flew in from Chicago to see firsthand what God was doing through Miami YFC.  As I arrived at South Miami High School to check-out a Campus Life club, I discovered an unusual... More

Sherri Kay: The Queen of OTE!

9/23/2020 in Category Ministry Updates, Over the Edge

What is it that drives a 79-year-old grandmother of 5 to put herself at the top of the 10-story Keyes Building on a breezy day?  “I have always believed in the mission of Youth for Christ,”... More

Saved by Reckless Love

9/9/2020 in Category Ministry Updates, Our Stories, Over the Edge

In May 2018, Falone woke to screaming and gunshots.  She followed the commotion outside, where she saw a body on the ground. It took her a second to realize it was her brother, Marcus.  Her... More

Youth Violence is a Solvable Problem

8/26/2020 in Category

To say I grew up far from violence would be an understatement.  My small Midwestern farming community was loving and safe enough that we often left our front doors unlocked.  Violence was... More

Why I Rappelled: Kevin’s Story

8/12/2020 in Category Our Stories, Over the Edge

We are preparing to launch Over the Edge 2021 on September 15, 2020!  In preparation, we're featuring stories about stopping youth violence.  Here, staffer and Catalyst alum Kevin Sanchez... More