“They left me in the system”

9/20/2016 in Category Our Stories

Last week, our staff member Kristen sat with Julie (name changed) at His House Children’s Home, a “private, faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to restoring joy to the lives of... More

Sunday…a Good Time to Go to Jail? (Real Men)

9/1/2016 in Category Our Stories

Three o'clock on a Sunday sounds like a good time to go to jail, right?

Yet that's where I found myself this past weekend - well, not in jail, but in a residential facility where young men... More

“The Real Version” – a Memory of Joel

8/17/2016 in Category Ministry Updates

As many of you know, this past weekend, my friend and fellow Miami YFC Missionary, Joel Stigale, passed away.  Joel reached out to the hip-hop community all over South Florida.  He was known... More

Being Present Is More Than Simply Being There

8/15/2016 in Category Our Stories

As we finish up this summer, this reflection from Youth for Christ’s USA’s President (Dan Wolgemuth) came into my inbox.  It was a great reminder of the importance of true presence, and what... More