How Can We Help Each Other?

6/16/2021 in Category Ministry Updates, Our Stories

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Miami YFC wants kids to follow Jesus for their whole life, and that means we need church homes for our kids (because we only work with them until they are 19). But we... More

“His Tears Were Running Down My Arm”

6/7/2021 in Category Our Stories

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This story is not about this photo, and yet, in many ways, it is totally about this photo.

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A few weeks ago, the Marlins... More

More Rock Throwing…for Good

5/20/2021 in Category Our Stories

Last Thursday, I caught a few elementary kids throwing rocks into our office.  It’s one of the joys of working next to a school – errant hoodlum-isms.

I stepped out of my meeting and found... More

When They Throw Rocks at Your Head

5/6/2021 in Category Our Stories

Loving kids is not for the faint of heart.

I’ll keep the story short to spare the kid: last week, after disciplining a kid (AKA making him apologize), a handful of pebbles was thrown at my... More

Our Second Virtual BTS is coming!

4/21/2021 in Category Ministry Updates

Because of COVID-19, our 2020 Be the Story event - like many others - was moved completely online.  What we learned from that experience is a virtual Be the Story event is highly valuable! ... More