When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Brandon, age 15, is the oldest of five siblings. He and his brother, Thomas, began attending the free break-dancing classes at Catalyst about six months ago.  They didn’t realize that in addition to learning to dance, they would be learning about God. 

Although Brandon and his brother are from a Christian home they did not have a clear understanding of the Gospel. They believed they could get to heaven by doing good works alone. But, recently Kevin had the opportunity to clarify that faith in Jesus is the only way to get to get into heaven.

Now the boys can answer confidently when asked what Kevin calls the golden question: “If you were to die today, why should God let you into His heaven?” These boys know that it’s not about how good they are, how much they go to church, or even how great they are at break-dancing: only Jesus can save them!

Thank you for supporting Catalyst as we teach kids the elements of hip-hop AND of how to know they are eternally secure in Christ.


Vivian Stigale

Catalsyt Administrator

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