Category: Our Stories

A Somber Van Ride

2/6/2019 in Category Our Stories

It was a far cry from our typical loud, laughter-filled van routes home. This night was different and we all felt it. When we arrived at her apartment, Jasmine made her solemn exit, and the... More

Catalyst: Angel’s Story

1/25/2019 in Category Our Stories

Angel joined our Catalyst after-school program because she wanted to learn how to play the drums, write songs, and record music. But when we first met her, she had a huge wall up. She... More

Bake of Love 2018

12/12/2018 in Category Ministry Updates, Our Stories

Most of you know about our annual tradition (along with Core teams across the country) of packing up cookies and delivering them to folks who work on Black Friday.  It’s called the Bake of... More

Why I Went Over: Because Catalyst Changed My Life

12/3/2018 in Category Our Stories, Over the Edge, Why I Went Over

Going Over the Edge was an experience I will never forget. You see, I was personally touched by Youth for Christ’s Catalyst program. I was one of those youth that needed to channel my... More

Why I Went Over: Richie’s Story

11/14/2018 in Category Our Stories, Over the Edge, Why I Went Over

Our veteran staff person, Glenn Craig, hasn't just rappelled - he's had his "son" Richard (or Richie) go over the edge too!  But their story runs deeper than a one-time event.  Here, Glenn... More