Campus Life: Being Brave, Standing in the Gap & Finding Purpose

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

This week, we're featuring three different stories from kids - but in honor of the #10DaysofConnection, these stories are all connected by youth whose lives have been changed at Campus Life clubs!  Even though these youth are different ages, genders, races, and classes and don't even go to the same schools, they all spoke about the need for caring adults to step into their lives and make them better.

1. Stephen

My name is Stephen, and I am 10 years old. I go to Campus Life, and hang out with Kristen and April, and we play fun games. I invite my friends who don’t know Jesus to campus life. I first invited Jonathan. He came and then more friends started coming. I invite my friends to campus life so they can hear about Jesus.

Campus Life has made me brave when it comes to standing up against bullies. When I see someone getting picked on, I remember that Jesus stood up for everyone and was even crucified, and that makes me brave enough to tell them to stop.

2. Sam

My name is Sam, and I go to Campus Life. I have always lived in the same area of Miami. I am a senior in AP and honors classes. I will be a Gator in the summer, studying mass communications and political science at the University of Florida.

My leader is Alicia. She takes time with students, text us during the holidays to make sure we’re okay. It’s nice to have someone who is there that isn’t your parent who you respect and is praying for you. A lot of these kids at my school don’t have that, and to have a person in their corner is powerful.

The neighborhood around my school is a challenge. There’s a lot of violence, drug abuse and struggle. I’m grateful for people like Ms. Plummer and Alicia who will make sure kids have clothing, food and encouragement, who stand in the gap to help us.

3. Karin

My name is Karin, and I’m a senior at SM Senior High. I grew up in a Christian home and had a close relationship with God when I was in 7th grade. But in high school, I got caught up in pursuing academic goals. Then, this year, I met my friend, who is also named Karin! She invited me to start a Core team because she wanted to reach our friends at school.

A lot of my friends are atheists and agnostics. Many feel like the church has turned their back on them. So I loved Karin’s idea because our school had no bible club, and I thought that was so weird! We had all kinds of other clubs, even for other religious groups, but not for Christians.  So I was down and started a Core team with Karin and our leader April. I felt connected to God again. I wished so badly that we had this club when I was a freshmen.

We got to start an official Campus Life club for the whole school on February 1. It has been amazing, and I’m so excited because all the kids- now and after I graduate- will have a place to go when they feel lonely and don’t know their purpose. Because of this club, kids will know they were bought with a price.

It’s easy for me to forget that my friends and kids at my schools don’t know Jesus. Core and Campus Life have opened my eyes to what my friends need, and it’s Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

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