Sometimes, It Takes a Long Time

7/15/2020 in Category Our Stories, YFCamp/Summer

Daniel has been on staff with Miami YFC for nearly 14 years!  Because of this, he can often give us perspective when we get discouraged – over the years, he has seen God show up in kids’... More

“I Was Just Tryna Check on You”

7/1/2020 in Category Our Stories

Chaos. Worry. Uncertainty. Three words that sum up what COVID-19 has brought many of us in our lives.

Uncertainty probably does it the most for me. What’s going on with the kids? Are they... More

Jesus in Tulips

6/25/2020 in Category Our Stories

Vivianna was always willing to lend a helping hand, but we hardly ever heard her voice. She attended Campus Life for two school years before she was willing to share anything about her... More

Tough as Nails?

6/3/2020 in Category Our Stories, Over the Edge

Every month, I get to spend time with the Project Dade crew – 10-15 boys who are on probation and choose to come to our life skills classes.  Ronnie, Angel, Greg, Dimitri, and Peterson work... More

Physical - Not Social - Distancing

5/20/2020 in Category Ministry Updates, Our Stories

There's been a lot of talk about "social distancing" during this whole Coronavirus pandemic, but it seems like that's the wrong term. Maybe "physical distancing" would be more appropriate.... More