Even though we’ve been back from camp for 2 months, we are still celebrating the many ways we saw God at work.  Mari shared how she got to see God work in her own life as a camper, and now in her friends’ and students’ lives.

Camp is really close to my heart because a few months after the Lord changed my life through YFC, my heart was broken for my friends, especially Kari*. I knew her pain intimately, and I wanted her – and others – to have the same encounter with Christ that I had. I wanted Kari to experience the new life I had. I prayed for her a lot, but I felt totally confused.

But God answered my prayer through camp! Almost every single one of the friends that I prayed for, including Kari! – ended up going to camp, and all of them had experiences with Christ that made a huge differences in their lives. I still almost cry thinking about it – my friends’ lives were changed and I learned that God answers prayers.

Kari didn’t stay close to Christ, though – she had trouble finding a good faith community where she could fit, and even though we are still friends and she is confident in her salvation, Kari is not close to the Christian community today. Still, 8 years later, Kari agreed and paid to send her younger sister, May*, to camp. She had such a great experience at camp that Kari was willing and excited to send her little sister. On Day 4 of camp, May sat in 30 minutes of silence with God. As the moon shone down and quiet worship music started, May shouted a big YES to Jesus. She gave her life to Christ, just like Kari did in 2011!

I don’t believe camp will make a difference – I know it can. I know it can introduce Kari and May to a relationship with Jesus, and I am praying it can be a place of healing for a whole family. YFC Camp is where everything changes: for me, for Kari, and for her sister. Thank you for making a difference for kids and their families by supporting camp.

Mari Miranda
Campus Life Site Director, Coral Park Senior High

*name has been changed

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