They Made It!

7/12/2019 in Category Our Stories

After one of the most personally challenging years of her life, our student leader, Falone walked the stage at the Watsco Center, an official graduate of South Dade Senior High!

Falone is... More

Real Heroes

6/27/2019 in Category Our Stories

By this point, you've probably heard of Avengers: Endgame, the superhero explosion (don't worry, #nospoilers here).  In it, there are dozens of powerful, special heroes who now represent... More

Camp, Cancer and Church

5/29/2019 in Category Our Stories, YFCamp/Summer

Carlos came to YFCamp last year because his friend invited him.  That was the main reason. He definitely did not come to camp because he cared about God - in fact, he was pretty closed off... More

Perfect Excuse to Get Out of the House

5/29/2019 in Category Our Stories, YFCamp/Summer

At our City Life KIX site, 16 year-old Cham’s nickname is “the Mayor of Homestead” because everywhere he goes people know him and want to say hi. He is tender with the children he serves at... More

Hope is Near

5/20/2019 in Category Our Stories

We live in a city that glamorizes moments that are as empty as an overdrafted bank account. In the city of Miami, you can find an $18.2 million dollar condo merely blocks from a community... More