Why I Went Over the Edge: Jacob & Roxy conquered fear and fundraising to help end youth violence!

10/16/2018 in Category Our Stories, Over the Edge

We've launched our Over the Edge 2019 event!  In honor of OTE, we'll spend the next few weeks sharing stories from folks who rappelled last year, in a series called "Why I Went Over the... More

“I Cry Every Week on the Way Home”

10/3/2018 in Category Our Stories

She’s up at 3:30 every morning, works two full-time jobs and yet carves out time every Tuesday evening to mentor some of the highest risk youth in our city. “I feel this generation is so... More

Back to School Isn’t for Everyone

9/18/2018 in Category Our Stories

August is Back-To-School time for most kids, filled with new clothes, teachers, goals, and classes. However, for youth who are incarcerated, August serves up a reminder that they have... More

Catalyst Performs LIVE at Hard Rock!

9/5/2018 in Category Ministry Updates

The Catalyst team is on the hunt for the next generation of hip-hop!  To kick start our work, we launched our very own Summer Breaks Camp. Students learned how to breakdance, write a song,... More

“I Can’t Stop Crying, and I Don’t Know Why”

8/28/2018 in Category Our Stories

"I can't stop crying and I don't know why," Daniel said to me as we sat across from each other on the bunk beds in our cabin at camp. Clothes were strewn about the room and a "locker room"... More